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    ‏15 يوليو 2013
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    RAM Booster Free v1.2


    RAM Booster is an app that increases the performance of your telephone due to the Quick Boost system. RAM booster goes through your phone and cleans up your system memory automatically once a day.

    It achieves to optimize the memory and improving your battery life.

    In the system information section, you can find:

    ** System information**

    Android ID

    Device ID

    Display data as resolution and density

    Phone manufacturer and models

    ** Information Platform - processor **

    ** JVM information – Java Database **

    ** Sensor Details **

    ** Network Data **

    IP - Portal – Wifi name – Operator and code name

    ** SIM Code Details **

    Operator Code

    imei / meid / esn


    SIM Card Serial Number

    ** CPU Details **

    ** Memory Details **

    **** Recommended not use more than one application in the phone because it cannot work with others apps like Memory Booster , Red Speed ?Booster , Booster Android, Speed ?Booster 2x , Internet Booster, Norton, Game Booster, etc



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