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    ‏15 يوليو 2013
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    InstaPlace Pro v3.3.0



    A location based Photo App to let everyone know exactly where and when you were in that photo.

    Location overlay will give you a chance to share with friends what you’re seeing in real time!

    Beautifully crafted custom skins will give your photos CLEANER, more ELEGANT look.

    from gotechlive:
    "Everyone loves clicking holiday photos and sharing them on social networks. But why share plain pictures when you can stamp them with location information and create cool-looking postcards? InstaPlace lets you add captions as well as attach GPS data from your phone or from FourSquare to your pictures. Consider, for instance, you are at the Eiffel Tower. Now, Instead of sharing a big vanilla photo of the landmark, you can overlay it with a caption saying ‘I was here at Eiffel Tower, Paris’."

    The app is so smart that it will recognize your current location and it will also recommend you with various skins that you can choose.

    You can add whatever text you wish, plus the name of the location (custom or geolocated pulled from Foursquare or Facebook) where you are snapping the photo.

    Even while you are not social media person InstaPlace is for you - just save pictures to your camera roll!
    It lets you beautify your pictures that will add more to your memories in life. You will enjoy it in years to come!

    40 skins for every imaginable location or occasion
    share to: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Flickr, Tumblr
    customizable Timestamp
    works with your old photos! (as long as you have GPS information saved to them)
    location pulled from Foursquare or Facebook

    Why get PRO version?
    Pro has more skins
    Pro is updated first, 2 weeks earlier (or more)
    Pro has watermark OFF switch
    Pro has more options
    Pro has no banner ads
    Pro helps us deliver new versions of Instaplace :) and You are PRO




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