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    ‏15 يوليو 2013
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    AndroVid Pro Video Editor v2.5.4.1



    Trim, merge, split, transcode, add music, add text, apply effects, grab video frames, make slideshow, share your videos, convert to many audio and video formats.

    IMPORTANT SELLER NOTICE: AndroVid Pro is the ad-free, commercial version of AndroVid application. You can try all PRO features in the Free version. Before buying AndroVid Pro, please try the free version first, because some features may not work on your phone.

    REFUND POLICY: 15 minute is very short to try all features. We extend it to 24 hour. If any feature is not working on your phone, please send email to [email protected] for refund within 24 hour after buying.

    AndroVid Pro provides you the following functionalities:

    - Trim your videos and produce clips.
    - Add music (replace audio or mix music with original audio, adjust audio volume)
    - Merge multiple videos into one file
    - Delete middle parts of a video
    - Split your video files into two separate video clips
    - Grab video frames
    - Add text to your videos
    - Video Effects (Fade in/out, Gray Tone, Mirror, Negate, Remove Audio, Slow / Fast Motion, Swap U-V, Sepia, Vignette, Vintage)
    - Convert your video files to audio formats (MP3, M4A, WAV, WMA )
    - Convert your video to other video formats (3GP, AVI, FLV, MP4, MPG, MOV, WMV, VOB )
    - Video Rotate / Flip feature added
    - Set video frames as wallpaper
    - Make slideshow
    - Share your video clips and grabbed video images. Upload your videos to facebook, youtube etc.
    - Play video clips
    - Sort your videos by their name, size, duration and date
    - Rename/Delete videos on your phone




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    ‏6 ديسمبر 2014
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    رد: تطبيق AndroVid Pro Video Editor v2.5.4.1 تحرير الفيديو دمج وقطع والكتابة عليه

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