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    ‏15 يوليو 2013
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    Multiponk v1.0.15


    The HD graphic designs and the ultra-realistic physical engine will make you feel like playing on an real wooden board. A classic already !
    Up to 4 players on tablet and up to 2 players on smartphone.

    One finger to control your paddle. Give your ball smooth effects and thwart the traps to win the game !
    In Multiplayer mode, catch the bonuses, use the bumpers and beat your opponents.
    In Solo mode, try to beat A.I computer and defeat Mr Monster.
    Don't lose control of the ball !

    -Immersive HD design
    -Realistic physical engine
    -7 game modes : A.I. revenge, classic, baby, crazy, flash, dual, death ball
    -11 bonuses: Multiball, Power, Big ball, Gravity, Autopilot, Time warp...
    -5 ball sizes
    -Paddle slice effect
    -14 Original music themes by KingQ4

    (Ex: Multipong, Multibong)
    WATCH US : vimeo.com/fingerlab
    VISIT US : fingerlab.net
    FOLLOW US : twitter.com/fingerlab
    CONTACT US : [email protected]

    Thanks for all your comments.
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