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    ‏15 يوليو 2013
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    SWAT and Zombies Runner v1.0.10


    You were one of the crew of the best SWAT TEAM in our previous game 'SWAT and Zombies!!'
    Now you are the sole surviver of the helicopter crash that killed the entire crew in the middle of the zombie nest.
    You have to survive on your own.
    The only way back to your waiting brothers is running.
    All those strained zombies and nameless giant zomies are blocking your way!!
    Now! Run til you die! And Survive!

    #Easy controll
    No need for complex tutorial and manual.
    Two thumbs and tabs are all you need and you are ready.
    Jump! Slide!
    Kill zombies with auto aim!!

    #51 weapons and upgrade system
    8 types of Pistols
    4 types of Shotguns
    11 types of Assault Rifles
    9 types of Rifles
    5 types of Sub Mchine Gun
    9 types of RPG
    5 types of Bazookas
    10 possible upgrade steps

    #Steam Jump
    No more boring normal jump!
    SWAT with steampacks!
    Move more swiftly with 2 step jump!
    Evade randomly appearing obstacles and survive!

    #Various SWAT characters
    11 types of various personage and characters to choose from

    #Gigantic Boss
    Get prices after killing Gigantic Boss that awaits every certain distances!

    #Mercenary System
    Find scattered and hiding mercenaries!
    Run together. They will be trustworthy backup.

    #Check your skills!
    Compete with your FaceBook friends!
    Top Rankers will be awarded every week.
    You can check your skills by checking local and world ranks in Global Ranking.

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  2. ThE - 7aFar

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    ‏16 ديسمبر 2014
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    عطـآل - بطـأل
    آلـع ـرآق - بـغ ـدآد
    رد: تحميل لعبة قتال الزومبي الرائعة SWAT and Zombies Runner v1.0.10 Android

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