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    ‏15 يوليو 2013
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    MSQRD v1.5.0 apk


    MSQRD is an application that lets you modify your face in hilarious ways, all in real time. Basically, your face will move in real time even as the application applies changes to your face, unlike other applications that can only make these changes to still pictures.

    Using MSQRD is as simple as pointing the device's camera at a person's face. The application will instantly recognize the face and replace it with the mask you have selected at the bottom. There are all kinds of masks, including one for Obama, a tiger, a man with a big mustache, a monkey, and many more.

    The masks adapt to the face in an almost magical way. You can take pictures or record short videos from within the application. Once you've recorded a video with the mask of your choice, you can share it through any of the social networks you have installed.

    After crushing it on iOS, where this application has accumulated tens of millions of downloads, MSQRD has finally come to Android anticipating the same level of success. Once you see how great the effects are, you'll understand why.
    The MSQRD face changer now available on Android

    Dynamic stickers and glasses have been with us for a long time now, made more popular recently thanks to Snapchat’s ‘lenses’—that is, layers superimposed over your pic as static decorations of the image. The app MSQRD (MaSQueRaDe, surprise!) take this a step further to offer a facial recognition system that can superimpose a sort of virtual ‘mask’ over your face that moves in real time along with your gestures. Now, after the enormous success of the iOS version, the Android edition has just been released.












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