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    The ionCube PHP Encoder makes it easy to protect your PHP 4 & 5 source code from easy observation, theft and change. Plus, with PHP licensing features built into the Pro and Cerberus editions, licensing PHP scripts to control where your code runs is easy too, and you can even give your files a time expiry! Optional encryption of non-PHP code is also supported if required. Available in three editions, Basic (entry level), Pro and Cerberus, all ionCube PHP Encoder editions offer bytecode PHP encoding plus optional encryption of non-PHP files. Pro and Cerberus also include optional PHP licensing features for time expiry and restricting where code can be used, allowing licensing models to be effectively and easily implemented.

    The PHP Encoder is available for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Intel OS X. All versions offer command line access for encoding, and also for creating license files using Pro or Cerberus. This feature is ideal if you wish to automate processing. The Windows Encoder also includes an easy to use GUI, and the Windows Pro and Cerberus editions include a Linux based license generator for PHP scripts too, allowing scripts to be protected using Windows and creating license files from a Linux based web server. ionCube Encoded files run on a wide range of operating systems such as Linux, Windows, FreeBSD and others. Encoding Benefits As PHP scripts can be easily read, changed and run on any PHP enabled system, encoding PHP offers important benefits: Product Developers: protect and license your code before distribution. Ideal for protecting evaluation copies, the low once only purchase cost can quickly deliver a significant return on investment from increased sales. Website Designers: protect your creative work and a revenue stream from future script updates. Enterprise Customers: successfully enforce internal change control policies by avoiding untracked software tweaks that may get lost on a site reinstall or server move. Website Owners: hide sensitive data and protect scripts from unauthorised changes that may go unnoticed indefinitely and be a serious security and data protection risk. Features... [IMG]http://www.ioncube.com/images/boxes/phpe7-new.gif[/IMG] From $199 [​IMG]"]http://www.ioncube.com/images/try_now2.gif[/url] [​IMG]"]http://www.ioncube.com/images/buy_now2.gif[/url] Which Encoder do I Need? The PHP Encoder is available in 3 versions: Basic, Pro and Cerberus. The following guide will help you choose the right version for your needs. Product Developers: Pro or CerberusPro and Cerberus provide PHP encoding plus the abililty to create license files for your products. License files can protect your scripts against unauthorised use by locking to specific machines. They can also time expire, which is ideal for releasing evaluation versions. The Windows Pro or Cerberus Encoder also comes with a license generator for Linux, which may be useful for automating license generation from a web server. Website Designers: Pro, consider CerberusAs a designer, you may wish to provide early versions of your work to the client before completion. You want the code to run, but not forever. Pro and Cerberus allow you protect your files to expire at some point in the future, allowing clients to try protected code for a limited time. Enterprise Customers: Basic, consider Pro or CerberusThe main requirement is likely to be code protection, and the basic version is sufficient for this task. If you would also like to lock files to their intended server, then Pro and Cerberus allow this. Website Owners: Basic, consider Pro or CerberusYour website files are likely to be specific just to your needs, and so the main requirement is encoding. The Basic version offers this, while Pro or Cerberus would reduce the risk of any stolen files being run on another server. Please view our product comparison for a summary and pricing.

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